Monday, April 30, 2012

JUMP 2012

JUMP 2012  Abby went to her first dance convention this past weekend and what an experience it was!! Two days of competing and classes in Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz. There were scholarships available so she and Addie were nervous! So many girls!!   This was the qualifier for New York as well.  Friday afternoon we got there at 2:30 and checked in.  The girls were given schedule booklets with their names on them (very cool lol) and a number they needed to wear the whole time they were in classes (for scholarship judging).  They had dance classes one after the other all afternoon. We did not get back to the hotel til 9:30 that night and had to be back at 6:30am as their first company dance was at 7:30am. They performed 4 dances and were awarded High Gold for each one.  They were amazing!!! Then classes from 3:00 til 8:00 with the scholarship award ceremony at 8:00. Talk about a jam packed two days!! Craziness!!  They had to learn a dance routine in every class in minutes and had the teacher watching them and writing down the numbers of the ones they felt deserved a scholarship. So stressful for them but they worked their little butts off!! They had classes with So You Think You Can Dance winner Melanie and Billy Bell and a few others.  We were on pins and needles at the Scholarship Awards!!  When they called Abby's name as a Contemporary Jazz & Lyrical scholarship winner she was over the moon!! (Tish and I were pretty happy too lol) Addie also won a scholarship for Contemporary Jazz & Lyrical, so their first dance convention couldn't have gone any better!!  We are so excited for New York in July!!

JUMP 2012 HipHop class. Learning the routine.


Tina said...

Wow! I can see why she won that scholarship! She is confident and doesn't look at others for her cues, and feels the music as if it were inborn in her. Fantastic, and congrats!

The Hansens said...

She is AMAZING!!! Love her.